VO Actor Profile: Starry Kosmik

Meet the voice of Ev!

Starry Kosmik has been an incredibly passionate member of the AVARIAvs community from providing voice acting talent to the hero Ev, to making appearances at AVARIAvs events!

As a part time art student and online personality from New England, Starry Kosmik loves to Cosplay, write and create art. All this while enjoying games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Persona and many more just to name a few!

She says: All my life I’ve always been amazed by people who create, share and experience different worlds through media. Animation, video games, film making, comics, books etc. each form has been so special to me an has influenced my life in ways I can never explain. Currently I spend a majority of my time sharing my experiences via live stream and video, but Im really excited to be apart of helping to build one of those worlds with my voice. The arts and creative world has always held a special place in my heart, I cant wait to see what comes next!!

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