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VO Actor Profile: Ryan Wiley

Bio for the Voice of Larus: Mr. Ryan Wiley!

Ryan Wiley, a voice acting Hootenanny! Born in Greenwood, South Carolina and graduated from Lander University with a Bachelor Of Science in Mass Communications.

Wiley has worked in Radio close to 7 years, working at stations like: Sunny 103.5 WZSN, 1170 AM WDEK, and XLR Lander University Radio. Working as a Board Operator to becoming a DJ, Ryan has always loved being behind the microphone.

Wiley has specialized in being a versatile voice actor and studying specifically video games. Wiley says “As a voice actor it is all about acting and bringing the characters to life!” Wiley has met and interacted with celebrity voice actors such as: Steve Blum, James Arnold Taylor, Charles Martinet, Tara Sands, Eric Stuart, Bill Farmer, and many others in the world of Voice Over, who have inspired him to never giving up on the dream.

Wiley has been in now 3 video game projects: Pet Christmas Eve by Libii Games as the voices of Santa Clause and The Elf. The Crow’s Eye by 3D2 Entertainment voicing his first villain role and extra role as William Holtwick and Hans Delacroix. Finally, releasing early 2019, AVARIAvs will be arriving and voicing an energetic, positive Mage named Larus. Wiley created the voice of Larus by using his Gaston impression from Disney’s Animated Film, Beauty and The Beast and acting as Wes Johnson’s Washington Capitals Announcer. Wiley then raising his pitch and energy level to bring life to Larus. “I love becoming Larus! He’s a hero and a healer which is amazing to play. He portrays positive energy and he wants to help the team.” Wiley stated. Ryan Wiley looks forward to the wonderful future VO acting will bring.

Follow Ryan on Twitter here: www.twitter.com/ryanwileyvo and find him on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/ryanwileyvo and his personal website here: www.ryanwileyvo.com