Patch Notes

Current & Archived Patches

Current Patch – December 10th, 2018




  • Private Match now has the ability to choose your party.
  • Language support added for: Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Russian.
  • Additional custom party slot added (now there are two total).
  • Livescreen area in the online Dashboard now allows external linking to browser window.
  • Ability to “concede” has been added to the in-game pause menu.
  • Different camera angles added to main menu.


Bug Fixes:

  • Online Leaderboards are now populating correctly once again for Matchmaking.
  • Various hero portraits have been fixed across multiple game modes.



  • Music is mixed and mastered.
  • Hero dialog mixed and updated.
  • End of match hero dialog added.
  • End of match “defeat” and “victory” music added.



  • Various menu and navigation fixes and improvements.
  • Large ability text appears upon selecting ability.



  • Spam (Grit):
  • Damage slightly increased.


Mirror Bot:

  • All Reflect shields now last until attacked.
  • Grit archetype now upgrades to provide damage reduction.
  • Wit archetype now upgrades to increase reflect amount (no longer reflects status effects).



  • Now provides damage reduction and increased reflect amount (no longer reflects status effects).





  • New Kasper model added, lookin’ fresh K-dawg!
  • Karma Focusburn changed to Nirvana.



  • Karma Focusburn changed to Third Eye.
  • Karma Item changed to Sedative Nano.


Elder Waru:

  • Karma Item changed to Patience Nano.



  • Healing increased.



  • Healing increased.


Stone Mantra:

  • Damage reduction increased at levels 1 & 2.



  • Buffs reduced to 2 stacks (failed minigame).
  • Buffs reduced to 3 stacks (successful minigame).





  • Archetype upgrades swapped.
  • Degeneration stacks increased at level 3 Fury.



  • Now deals damage based on the target’s maximum HP.



  • Caster now takes damage based on maximum HP.
  • Caster receives 5 stacks of Degeneration.



  • Debuffs reduced to 2 stacks (failed minigame).
  • Debuffs reduced to 3 stacks (successful minigame).




All characters:

  • HP values have changed slightly.




Patience Nano:

  • Regeneration stacks reduced to 1.
  • Number of uses increased to 2.

Past Updates

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