Launch Weekend Tournaments

2 Tournaments on Launch

-There are two competitions happening on launch:


:1uAVARIALogo:The Launch Invitational:1uAVARIALogo:

$5k Total Prize Pool

When: May 10th and May 11th

Where: On pwnin0bryian’s Twitch page (also Join our Discord to watch our Featured Streamers)

Who: you must receive an invite to participate. Streaming requirement for all matches for the invitational



:1uAVARIALogo:The Leaderboard Qualifier:1uAVARIALogo:

When: May 9th, 10th and 11th. Leaderboard cutoff is 11:59p EST on Sunday.

Where: In AVARIAvs Matchmaking

Who: All owners of AVARIAvs

The Top 15 leaderboard spots come Sunday night will be invited to the next AVARIAvs Invitational.

You must stream at LEAST one match during your matchmaking to verify your identity on the leaderboard. (@AVARIAN and @mod -we know who you are, streaming optional but encouraged for you :2bScheming:)

If a member from the Invitational Tournament is on the leaderboard at the end, we will move to the next slot to invite someone who already hasn’t been invited.


:2eBow: if you didn’t receive an invite for The Invitational this time around, don’t worry! :1vStoked: hop on matchmaking and top that leaderboard come Sunday night! :2lYaaaaaaay: if you are top of the leaderboard on Sunday night, you must SELF REPORT to us on Discord #tournaments thread on verifying your identity.