avariavs servo c zane sexton

VO Actor Profile: Zane Sexton

The human behind the robot, meet Zane Sexton, the voice of Servo-C!


While studying psychology and creative writing in Marion, OH, Zane Sexton hasn’t  slowed down. On top of school, Zane has been voice acting, writing audio dramas, podcasts, and making gaming YouTube videos.

Voice acting since the age of 17 through a love of audio dramas and podcasts, Zane has appeared in numerous audio projects such as Return Home, 1994, RedWing and Caalo Xan. AVARIAvs will be the first video game project he has voiced.

Explaining what drew him to voice acting, Zane says, “I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself, and I love the creativity and dedication it requires to create convincing characters … Voicing Servo-C has allowed me to really test my boundaries and go off-the-wall in a fun way in a supportive environment.”

He recently began making gaming YouTube videos under the name The Cinnamon Synonym, which will soon feature AVARIAvs gameplay. Zane describes, “If you would like to see me (horrendously) sing songs from the 1980s while playing cool indie games and wearing a hipster outfit, check it out at yt.vu/+cinnamonsynonym.”

Zane thanks everyone who has said positive things about Servo-C and the AVARIAvs game. “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”

Check out Zane’s website at zanesexton.weebly.com, follow him on Twitter at Twitter.com/CulturalOutlier, or find his podcasts at bit.ly/yabberingwithzane.