Hero Stats & Status Effects

Learn about status effects.

HP (Health points): Determines how much damage you can take.
STR (Strength): increases Strength and Hybrid damage.
MNA (Mana): Increases Mana and Hybrid damage. Increases healing power.
VIT (Vitality): Reduces Strength and Hybrid damage dealt to you.
SPR (Spirit): Reduces Mana and Hybrid damage dealt to you. Increases healing received.
Hybrid: Attack power using both Strength and Mana.
SPD (Speed): Determines the order in which your actions affect the fight.

Character Stats: Hold [Y] to display character stats in combat.
Status Effects: Last permanently, or until that character is dispelled or dies.

Regeneration: Provides healing each time an action is performed.
Degeneration: Inflicts damage each time an action is performed.
Reflect: Creates a damage reflecting shield that lasts for one attack.
Harden: Reduces damage received for one attack.
Scramble: Scrambles letters in the radial menu.
Invert: Inverts the directional controls.
Disorient: Reverses targeting defaults.
Impair: Blurs the screen.
Daze: Shortens the input timer.