The AVARIAvs battle system is a spin-off on traditional JRPG combat – streaming it into encounters that are swifter, more strategic, and capable of both rich storytelling and gripping PvP.

R A D I A L   M E N U 

At the core of the battle system is the innovative radial menu; rather than the cumbersome, list-based interface of classic JRPGs, selecting an ability in AVARIAvs is fast, fluid, and intuitive. Spend less time navigating a spreadsheet and more time in the fray.

As the story progresses, gain different abilities and equip them to your characters, forming a near infinite variety of strategies.

R E A L – L I F E   S T A T U S   E F F E C T S 

Status effects in AVARIAvs don’t just affect your characters, they affect you the player. Enemies in PvE offer mind-bending challenges and adversaries in PvP will attempt to confuse you with scrambled menus, sabotaged vision, time-sensitive minigames and more. Battle on through unimaginable adversity while crippling your enemies’ ability to fight back.

Status Effects

F O C U S   L E V E L S 

As encounters progress, your characters’ gain Focus Points which raise their Focus Level, increasing their damage and unlocking stronger abilities. Combat starts out deliberate and tactical, but as the match goes on, fights evolve into epic brawls where opposing forces unleash annihilation and make miraculous comebacks.

U L T I M A T E    A B I L I T I E S

Characters that reach Focus Level 5 gain access to earth-shattering Ultimate Abilities. Each one capable of devastating or revitalizing a party, Ultimate Abilities present you with intense, condensed minigames. Success will empower the Ultimate Ability even further and, just possibly, win you the match.

Super Move