Tournament Formats

In this post we explain the four different types of official AVARIAvs events.


-Regional Qualifier
-Global Qualifier
-Open Tournament


Regional Qualifier

Achieve success in your local Av Clan, gain access to the Seasonal Championship.

How to enter: Contact your local Clan Leader! Interested in becoming a Clan Leader?

Location: Clan Specific

Format: Clan Specific

Prizes: Championship Ticket(s)


Global Qualifier

Stop by our booth at big events and try to win a Championship Ticket!

How to Enter: Win a match at our booth and you’ll gain access to the Seasonal Championship!

Location: Conventions

Format: Single Match, Local Split-screen

Prizes: Championship Ticket(s)


Open Tournament

Open Tournaments happen online and owners of AVARIAvs can participate from home!

How to Enter: Own the game! (buy here)

Location: Online

Format: Elo score, Online Matchmaking

Prizes: Cash, Prizes


Seasonal Championship

The pinicle of the AVARIAvs competitive circuit. Compete for the biggest AVARIAvs cash prizes.

How to Enter: Place in the top 10 in an Open Tournament or enter with a Championship Ticket

Location: Online

Format: Double Elimination, Online Private Match

Prizes: Cash, Prizes

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